adult female

adult female
an adult female person (as opposed to a man)

the woman kept house while the man hunted

Syn: ↑woman
Ant: ↑man (for: ↑woman)
Derivationally related forms: ↑womanly (for: ↑woman), ↑womanhood (for: ↑woman), ↑womanize (for: ↑woman), ↑womanise (for: ↑woman)
Hypernyms: ↑female, ↑female person, ↑adult, ↑grownup
Black woman, ↑white woman, ↑yellow woman, ↑amazon, ↑virago, ↑maenad, ↑bachelor girl, ↑bachelorette, ↑baggage, ↑ball-buster, ↑ball-breaker, ↑B-girl, ↑bar girl, ↑bluestocking, ↑bas bleu, ↑bridesmaid, ↑maid of honor, ↑broad, ↑cat, ↑Cinderella, ↑coquette, ↑flirt, ↑vamp, ↑vamper, ↑minx, ↑tease, ↑prickteaser, ↑dame, ↑madam, ↑ma'am, ↑lady, ↑gentlewoman, ↑debutante, ↑deb, ↑divorcee, ↑grass widow, ↑ex-wife, ↑ex, ↑dominatrix, ↑donna, ↑enchantress, ↑temptress, ↑siren, ↑Delilah, ↑femme fatale, ↑eyeful, ↑geisha, ↑geisha girl, ↑girl, ↑miss, ↑missy, ↑young lady, ↑young woman, ↑fille, ↑girlfriend, ↑lady friend, ↑gold digger, ↑gravida, ↑heroine, ↑inamorata, ↑jezebel, ↑jilt, ↑matriarch, ↑materfamilias, ↑matron, ↑mestiza, ↑mistress, ↑kept woman, ↑fancy woman, ↑mother figure, ↑nanny, ↑nursemaid, ↑nurse, ↑nullipara, ↑nymph, ↑houri, ↑nymphet, ↑old woman, ↑prostitute, ↑cocotte, ↑whore, ↑harlot, ↑bawd, ↑tart, ↑cyprian, ↑working girl, ↑sporting lady, ↑lady of pleasure, ↑woman of the street, ↑shiksa, ↑shikse, ↑smasher, ↑stunner, ↑knockout, ↑beauty, ↑ravisher, ↑sweetheart, ↑peach, ↑lulu, ↑looker, ↑mantrap, ↑dish, ↑sylph, ↑unmarried woman, ↑vestal, ↑Wac, ↑Wave, ↑widow, ↑widow woman, ↑wife, ↑married woman, ↑wonder woman
Instance Hyponyms: ↑Eve
Part Meronyms: ↑adult female body, ↑woman's body

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